Thursday, March 21, 2024

Animals Prints

Some very nice older illustration as prints on paper from my archive. Wolf, Eagle, Monkeys and the Bear. Printed on fine paper. These are test prints on new paper, never print these prints from collection "Animals" in bigger size. 289x410 mm - 60 USD with shipping. If you want some copy of these prints, please let me know to my mail. Thank you

Ilustrace z mé kolekce nazvané "Zvířata". Velmi kvalitní tisk na papíru 289x410 mm (plus a 10 mm pro rámování) na kvalitním papíře. Kdyby někdo chtěl kopii tisku, cena je 400,- za jeden + počtovné balné. Pokud chcete nějaký z těchto tisků napište mi do mailu. Děkuji Dctr. Lukas Brezak

Tuesday, March 19, 2024


Some nice copy of prints on quality paper from my collection of "Apes" by Dctr. Lukas Brezak / Pár supráckých tisků na kvalitní papír, kdyby se někomu nějakej líbil dejte vědět. Podpoříte mladýho umělce :)


I don't have facebook page and lot of my accounts was canceled but I still have webpage so you can see my illustrations in my gallery. If you want some drawing or copy of prints from me please contact me to my e-mail. I also found some new job in some design studio coz am not allowed to draw freely due to so many bans, so you will not see much drawings from me on my site coz time. Thanks!

This illustration is called "Ape" its digital painting by Dctr. Lukas Brezak from some old collection. If you want this illustration as copy of print on paper or canvas, please let me know.

Friday, February 16, 2024

Dctr. Brezak: Canceled

After long time censorship, shadow banning and whatever from Disney and big corp, my facebook and instagram is canceled. I no longer can use internet properly due 5g harrasment, so as an artist I cannot reach more fans anymore, this lead to losing my business. And because all POD sites jump on board with Disney and start to bully me, I decide to search for new job somewhere else. So thanks to all my friends and fans who support me for all these years. If you wanna contact me please use mail. Have nice day and Thanks

Tuesday, January 23, 2024


Another sketch illustration from my collection called the planet of the apes. Illustration by Dctr. Lukas Brezak

#illustration #drawing #sketch #ink #digitaldrawing #ape #monkey #chimp #theplanetoftheapes #fantasy #thisisnotpropaganda

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The Planet of the Apes

Sketch amazing Illustration from archive of Dctr. Lukas Brezak. Looks really amazing, thinking about writting some story, this skecth is insired by famous movie the name the planet of the apes, but I don't like the story they put inside the movies these days, coz it is all political bullcrap no fantasy at all which is actually bad... but y know entertainment industry. This would be nice title. Maybe world of the planet of the apes would be nice title for the story too.

#illustration #drawing #sketches #ink #digitaldrawing #monkey #bear #wolf #planetoftheapes #animals

Monday, January 15, 2024

Monkey with a Cigarette

Another illustration sketch winter themed. Some monkey smoking cigarette while snowing. "Don't smoke it is not good for yo health!" Illustration by Dctr. Lukas Brezak

#illustration #drawing #sketch #ink #digitalink #digitaldrawing #monkey #chimp #ape #planetoftheapes